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Under One Roof Hotel Consulting. Hotel and Restaurant Design.


In the world of hospitality, design is not just an aesthetic interpretation of an object or a space. It involves functional aspects which necessitate an intelligent and robust thought process – to take the design from concept through development, and finally, to its logical implementation.

At Under One Roof, Interior Design is about facilitating the process of shaping the experience of the interior space, celebrating the theme, and finally – delivering the concept in totality!


The creative process of generating, developing, and communicating an idea from innovation, to development, to actualisation. This is where most brands are conceived, concepts are evaluated for commercial viability, and then put through the rigours of development.

Under One Roof Hotel Consulting. Ideation and Creative Process.
Under One Roof Hotel Consulting. Hotel and Restaurant Design.

Culinary Development

This is where we use our award-winning culinary expertise, creativity, and flair to give life to your F&B ideas!

The process is designed to engineer a menu – the main revenue earner of your enterprise – into a strategic marketing tool that is viable and capable of delivering commercial results.

We translate our chefs’ expertise and creativity into formatted menus and recipes completely manualised with training modules, plated presentations, produce provenance, and supply chain logistics.

Facility Planning

Great design and good functionality meet at the swinging doors between the guest area and ‘back of the house’ areas!

The key criteria and methodology to plan and design back of the house facility systems includes kitchens, stores, HVAC, safety and security, water and waste, electrical and lighting and much more customised for the food service and hospitality businesses.

These are the ‘factory’ areas of your business. This is where space management and functionality have to meet in happy agreement. Kitchen planning has become a highly specialised activity with chefs and kitchens moving out from the traditional ‘back and unseen’ areas into the arc lights of restaurant and lounge interiors – as centerpieces and/or interactive kitchens.

Under One Roof Hotel Consulting. Ideation and Creative Process.
Under One Roof Hotel Consulting. Hotel and Restaurant Design.

Beverage Programming

Your Beverage Program is a brand marker. It must communicate what your brand’s concept and what it stands for.

In a highly competitive and differentiated hospitality landscape, Beverage Programming has become a critical element of the overall industry. The growth of cafes has ensured that Beverage Programming is not limited only to alcohol. But, extends beyond to brews, blends, and ‘healthy’ beverages.

This doesn’t just involve creating a distinctive menu. But, also ensuring you partner with the right vendors, train your staff well, and promote beverages ‘the right way’.

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